Parent/Guardian Testimonials

  • I love SFA!  I’ve been in this parish for 49 years and also attended SFA School.  All three of our children have also attended with Brigid still in 6th Grade.  The small class sizes and teachers who care about the kids are just two reasons SFA is great.  Both of my older children were prepared for high school especially in ELA and Spanish.  Miss Tigue is a great principal who is one of the most dedicated educators I have ever met.  She’s there early and usually the last to leave every day.  She greats every student every morning, no matter the weather.  Oh, and she does this outside!  I’m in involved in CYO and the Home & School Association.  I am happy with the direction the school is going.  Every parent in the Norristown area should consider SFA School for their children! - Mary Anders


  •  I send my daughter to Saint Francis of Assisi School because I wanted her to grow in her faith and receive her sacraments.  She likes all of her teachers and gets along with everyone there.  She especially likes her Special classes (Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, & Technology) and fun activities during and after school.  She likes the way the teachers and even her principal take the time to help. -Charlene Angelo


  • SFA has been a rewarding experience for my children.  The staff is caring and so willing to help my children achieve greatness.  I can’t imagine them going anywhere else to school! -Alexis Carlomagno


  • If you are thinking about schools for your child/children, or possibly thinking about switching schools, we highly recommend taking a tour and considering Saint Francis of Assisi.  Our kids love going to school every day and Joe & I love the community atmosphere of it.  Miss Tigue, the principal, goes above and beyond to get all the funding she can to give our kids the best  school experience.  She is always present and available to parents and knows all of the kids and their families.  The teachers are the same way.  All of the teachers and staff put their heart and soul into helping our kids reach and exceed their goals!  If you remember your school years as feeling like being part of a big extended family – then SFA is where your want to be! -Meghan & Joe Catagnus


  • I chose to send Ethan to SFA first so that he could learn about God and Religion in school.  I also chose SFA because it was a much smaller, more personable school where I knew Ethan would not get “lost” among all the other kids.  I remember his first day, as he walked up to Miss Tigue.  She greeted him by name after having only met him once or twice.  It was that moment I knew we made the right decision in choosing SFA!  The Reese family loves SFA School!  -Kim Reese


Student Testimonials

  • Saint Francis of Assisi is the best school I went to in my life!  -Nyla Smith, 5th Grade


  • Saint Francis of Assisi School is my second home.  I’ve been here since Pre-K and I know this school like the the palm of my hand.  Everyone you meet here is so amazing and will go to the ends of the Earth to help you succeed.  Some people may think we are just a little school, but really we are way more than that.  We are a huge family.  Anyone you talk to here  will agree with me 100%.  SFA is the place to be where it is always a good time!  -Adrianna Wright, Alumnus – Class of 2016