CARES 2017-2018

CARES Registration Form 2017 - 2018
CARES Registration Form 2017 - 2018
CARES Registration Form 2017 - 2018.pdf
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Department Of Human Services (DHS) Emergency Contact - Parental Consent Form
Department Of Human Services (DHS) Emergency Contact - Parental Consent Form
Department of Human Services (DHS) Emergency Contact - Parental Consent Form.pdf
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June CARES Snack Calendar 2018
June CARES Snack Calendar 2018
June CARES Snack Calendar 2018.pdf
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The Saint Francis of Assisi School CARES (Children Are Receiving Extra Services) program provides children with a Catholic environment extending the philosophy and values of Saint Francis of Assisi School after school hours.  The program serves the children enrolled in the school whose parent(s)/guardian(s) work outside the home.  Only children enrolled in our school are eligible to be enrolled in a CARES program.

The Saint Francis of Assisi School CARES program is staffed by teachers and other caregivers and is under the administration of the Principal.  The staff members work together to help each child grow in maturity and self-respect, as well as to maintain an atmosphere where respect and understanding of others is encouraged.


We highly recommend that you register your child for your current or future extended care.  A one time $25.00 non-refundable Registration Fee is needed per family. This will also allow you to call in for CARES on an as needed basis if space is available.  The following items are necessary to complete your child’s Registration:

  • CARES SFA Registration Form (1 per family)
  • Department of Human Services (DHS) Form (1 per child)
  • CARES Registration Fee ($25.00 per family)

Children not enrolled in CARES cannot stay in the program after school without the necessary forms on file in the Main Office.


Before School CARES

Before School childcare is available through the Saint Francis Early Learning Center beginning at 6:45 A.M. daily.  Please complete the Registration Form and return to Ms. Courtney Jackson, Director of the ELC.

After School CARES

Our CARES program commences immediately upon school dismissal and pick up time is at 5:30 P.M.  Saint Francis of Assisi School does not offer the CARES program on scheduled early dismissal days, snow days, or early dismissal due to snow.  Please ensure your child/children know where they are to go if this should occur.  An $8.00 late fee will be charged for every fifteen minutes you are late (no exemptions will be made) to cover the staff’s extra working time.

CARES FEES 2017 – 2018

Registration Fee per family – $25.00
One (1) child per hour – $9.00
Two (2) children per hour – $10.00
One (1) child full day until 5:30 P.M – $16.00
Two (2) children full day until 5:30 P.M. – $18.00
Late Pick-up every 15 minutes – $8.00

No credit is given for early pick-up, child/children are absent, you are off or on vacation and decide not to use CARES that day. 


  • Invoices from the Main Office will be sent home with your child every 2 weeks in your family’s blue Family Communication Envelope.
  • Families have the option of paying CARES invoices through the FACTS Family account or through check or money order.  Cash will NOT be accepted for payments.
  • Please make all checks payable to Saint Francis of Assisi CARES Program on or before due date in an envelope addressed to the Main Office.
  • There will be a $10.00 fee for all returned checks.
  • CCIS is accepted for the CARES Program.
  • If financial accounts accrue a $250.00 balance and payment is not made, students will not be eligible to receive CARES services until accounts become current.
  • You will not be charged if school is not scheduled or canceled due to snow.

Sign Out Procedures

  • Please make sure you sign your child out each day.
  • Check to make sure your child has all his/her belongings when leaving.
  • The lost and found box is located outside the Main Office.

Fees are the sole support of the Saint Francis of Assisi School CARES program.  The school or parish does not subsidize the program.  Therefore, please be prompt with your payments upon receipt of invoice.